October 27, 2021

Grants 2017 to Present

As of 2017, the AEF will be awarding grants on a rolling basis. Applications may be submitted by Audubon Schools teachers any time of the year for consideration by the board.


January 2017 

Writing Workshop Mentor Texts    $1003.79

Purpose is to purchase mentor texts to enhance writing curriculum in second grade at HAS.  These mentor texts would be used to model writers crafts which would then be implemented by the students during writer’s workshop.  The texts would be used annually and will be  used as both a tool and a reference for the students to use during both writing workshop and independent practice. Requested


Reflex Math Grant at HAS     $210.00

This grant is to request funding a subscription to Reflex Math for 6 special education students in first grade at HAS.  Reflex math is a computer program/application which promotes math fact fluency through games and it is able to provide teachers with reports on students’ progress.  By providing this to these students earlier they would be able to grasp the abilities earlier than when they start the program in third grade.

STEM Materials at HAS     $330.00

Purpose of this grant is to have STEM bins for Kindergarten/1st grade classroom.  The bins will help motivate the students in learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

January Total: $1,543.79 


April 2017  

NGSS Science Lessons on Line – HAS K-2     $499.00

Purpose is to purchase a school wide membership for Mystery Science for HAS – this is an on-line program that teaches NGSS through guided investigations or mysteries.


National School Nurse Conference     $480.00

Purpose of the grant is for registration of MAS school nurse to attend the National School Nurse Conference; this conference will enhance skills to be used as a school nurse and allows for collaboration with other school nurses to enhance programs within MAS.


Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology AHS    $1500

Purpose of this grant is to purchase kits that will allow students in AP Biology and Human Genetics to perform experiments using updated DNA technology.  

April total: $2,479.00


May 2017 

Smart Boards for Shape/Pre-Kindergarten    $5000.00

Purpose is to purchase new Smart Boards to be used for the Shape students and Pre-kindergarten students at the Audubon Park building.  Smart boards allow the children to become use to the modern technology and they provide an interactive way for students to learn.

May Total: $5,000