October 27, 2021

Grants 2015

Bringing Texts to Life:  $1,200.00  Purchase 4 document cameras to allow teachers to bring text to life. Awarded one for each grade level plus special area teacher.

Second Grade Library: $1,697.50
Provided funds to update library for second grade with books that are more interesting and more currently important.

iPads and cases: $4,140.00
Provided funds to purchase 10 iPads and cases to be used to enhance instruction in the first grade classrooms.

Bristlebots and solar powered cars: $1,200.00
Provided funds to purchase bristlebots for students in the gifted/talented group for use in the engineering aspect of STEM learning.  These Bristlebots will be reused in the fifth grade classroom as well during their electricity unit.  The solar powered cars will be used to understand the model of a circuit and ultimately design a solar powered car.

Project Xylophone: $1,219.00
Provided funds for purchase of a new xylophone replace broken one currently used by the Mansion Ave school band.

Total Grants awarded: $9,456.50