October 27, 2021

Grants 2014

Grants 2014

Kim Felix, Christine Brady and Susan Selby, Kindergarten teachers at Haviland Avenue School, will receive $3,375 to build their Dramatic Play areas of their classrooms. New and upgraded materials will be added to be used during Center Time, including career outfits, building kits, dolls and doll clothes, kitchen and kitchen accessories. These materials will aid in development of a variety of life skills such as independent organization and clean up, plus sharing, problem solving and listening as well as development of gross and fine motor skills.

Casey Snock, Art teacher at Haviland Avenue School, will receive $689 to present the Teacher’s Discovery Traveling Art Exhibit. The grant will provide K-2 students with various traveling exhibits containing large prints of artwork. A Traveling exhibit exposes students to art who might otherwise not have the ability to visit a museum.


Blake Marchese, Michelle Castagna, Alycia Colucci, JoAnne McCarty and Shelly Chester, 1st Grade teachers at Haviland Avenue School, will receive $4,760 to purchase more iPads and apps to enhance their first grade curriculum. Putting iPads in the hands of students will allow for more differentiated instruction and will promote student participation in hands-on learning. The iPads will have Math, Phonics, Reading, Writing, Social Studies and Science themed-apps.


Elizabeth McCurdy, Fifth Grade teacher at Mansion Avenue School, will receive a $450 grant to improve the Newspaper Club program. Club members will now have a more functional, web based means to write and submit articles and photos/illustrations. The club will have its own camera and storage disk as well as club members having flash drives to work on projects at home and school. They also will have a web site in which they can create and distribute the school newspaper, the Roar. This will enhance literacy and writing skills as well as offer a more real life publishing experience.


Jen Beebe, Third grade teacher at  Mansion Avenue School,  will receive $650 to purchase eBooks for the new Digital Library the district recently opened. This will give students access to a variety of books that they will be able to check out on a variety of electronic devices: phones, e-readers, tablets, and computers. Book collections, individual eBooks and audio books will promote literacy and move students toward being confident readers while allowing them to become more technologically proficient.


Jennifer Battista, Jennifer Beebe, Claudia Kirby and Marisa Reca, Third Grade teachers at Mansion Avenue School, will receive a grant of $1,000 to acquire tablets to enhance the Third grade curriculum. The tablets will be shared among the classrooms to access eBooks and use a variety of services and apps in the areas of math, language arts, literacy and more.


Elizabeth McCurdy and Kristen Rosenberg, Fifth grade teachers at Mansion Avenue School, will receive $1,000 in  funds for materials and costumes for a musical on the Western Expansion. This event will teach History as well as social and communication skills in a fun and entertaining way.

Roberta Ignaczewski, Second grade teacher at Haviland Avenue school, will receive $2,000 to  acquire Google Nexus tablets to enhance instruction in her clasroom. The tablets will keep students engaged and motivated through exciting apps in Math and language skills. Students will partner up for portions of instruction, enforcing social skills and will also gain exposure to technology and keyboarding skills with the included Nexus external keyboard.


Jennifer Hartman and Beth Crosby, Special Education teachers at Haviland Avenue school, will receive a $400 grant to purchase materials to create “Theme Boxes” for preschool special needs students. These boxes will monthly lessons and might include items for play based activities, like Community helpers, grocery store, post office, etc. Dramatic play will be enhanced and helps in enforcing life and social skills as well as motor skills.


Lisa McGilloway, Reading Specialist at Mansion Avenue School, will receive $700 in funds for a One School One Book project. The entire school, students and all staff, will be reading a book. Parents will also be invited to share in reading and discussing the book. The program will culminate in the book’s author visiting the school and discussing the book with students.


Total Grants Awarded: $15, 024