October 27, 2021

Grants 2013

Spring 2013

Catherine Oliveri, Second grade teacher at Haviland Avenue School, received $1,750 to purchase Kindle Fire tablets to be used during guided reading time to enhance skills related to nonfiction text reading and comprehension, and the use of technology. With these tablets, students will be able to download books, particularly nonfiction, and be able to research topics at the same time via the internet access available through the tablet. This will improve skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing media, and using technology.

David Niglio, Science teacher at Audubon High School, received $1,500 to upgrade the AP Biology program with a DNA technology element. Special DNA samples, kits, enzymes, and other supplies and materials will be acquired to make the processing and analyzing of DNA samples as realistic as possible while still offering an educational experience. This will give AP students a better representation of what is done in the biotechnology industry and better prepare them for admission to a 4 year college.

Lisa McGilloway, Sixth Grade teacher, Mansion Avenue School, received $750 to launch an interdisciplinary pilot program on The Middle Ages. Students will learn about the Middle ages in a way that facilitates cross-curricular activities and includes special area teachers into the 6th the history of the Middle ages, food, customs and culture, science and medicine and what elements of Middle Age culture are present in our culture today. This unit will culminate in a Medieval Fair, which will involve middle school and High School students.

Joanne McCarty, Shelly Chester and Blake Marchese, First Grade teachers at Haviland Avenue School, received $2,642 to purchase iPads and apps to enhance their first grade curriculum. Putting iPads in the hands of students will allow for more differentiated instruction and will promote student participation in hands-on learning. The iPads will have Math, Phonics, Reading, Writing, Social Studies and Science themed-apps.

Francine Bechtel, Basic Skills teacher at Haviland Avenue School, received $1,000 to purchase iPads to enhance her curriculum in her Basic Skills and Intervention classes. The iPads will be a most useful tool in these classes as many of these students are tactile learners and need to interact with manipulative items to understand concepts. The iPads will keep these students engaged and help them succeed independently.