October 27, 2021

Grants 2012

Spring 2012:

Nicole Szymanski, Math-AHS, received $1,155 for Smart Responders (interactive student devices for Smart Board)

Susan Selby, K-HAS, received $1,180 for home literacy and math kits

David Niglio, Science-AHS,  received $3,500 for additional equipment/supplies  for Forensic science project

Fall 2012:

Stephanie Dibb, received $500 to present the Teacher’s Discovery Traveling Art Exhibit. The grant will provide K-2 students with various traveling exhibits containing large prints of artwork.

Chris Sylvester, Audubon High School Science Teacher, was awarded $700 purchase an aquaponic garden control center to be used for research in biology and chemistry as well as serve as inspiration for a new elective.  Students from Mansion Avenue School’s 4th thru 6th grade will also be introduced to gardening and aquaponics.

Debra Waite, Audubon High School will receive $3,000 to acquire ten “Ready or Not Tot” dolls as part of the Parenting and Child Development unit. Students must tend to the “dolls” throughout the day and night. These dolls are interactive and will provide feedback via software so teachers may accurately assess the students’ care of the dolls.

Jackie Castaldi, Audubon High School Nurse, was awarded $1,000 to initiate a program to provide access for every student in Audubon High School enrolled in the driver’s education program to visit the Cooper University Hospital Traumatic Injury Prevention Program.

Kristen Solanik and Elizabeth McCurdy, 5th Grade teachers at Mansion Avenue School, will receive $750 for materials and supplies for students to perform a special Historical musical about the 13 colonies.

Rosemary Lang, Haviland Avenue School, will acquire iPads with $1,800 for students to aid in the language acquisition process. Learning through the use of iPads will provide tactile and tangible interaction for English Language Learning students.
A special Technology Initiative Grant of $1,500 was given to Mike Stubbs of Audubon High School to “Bring 3D to Life”. Using a newly acquired digital SLR camera, as well as programs like 3D Max, Photo Scene Editor, AutoCAD, and Revit, students in 3D Animation will have real world applications and experiences for these programs throughout the school year.

Total Grants awarded: $13,685