October 27, 2021

Grants 2011

Spring 2011:

Kim Felix, K-HAS,  received $2,000 for iPod Touches and pens for kindergarten.

Alycia Colucci, 1st Grade-HAS,  received $672 for netbook computers for first grade.

Eric Miller and Chris Sylvester received $2,500 to complete the Audubon Green Initiative.


Fall 2011:

Janelle Mueller Art-AHS received $515 for her mural project with the junior/senior high

Annette Hartstein, 5th Grade-MAS  received $1,244 to purchase two laptops with DVD capabilities for electronic portfolio project

Sue Moore, Instrumental Music-MAS received $992.18 for her “You can play an instrument” project

Angela DiFilippo, AHS, received $1,708.83 for disc golf

Michele Castagna 1st Grade-HAS received $1,270 for iPads in first grade

Kim Brach received $1,734 for iPad2s to be used in special education

Joanne McCarty 1st-MAS,  received $740 for her Lego® Education Hands-on simple machine kits


TOTAL Grants awarded 2011= $13,376.01