October 27, 2021

Grants 2010

Spring 2010:

Additional funding  for Challenge day project – $2,500

Additional funding for AHS Auditorium sound system project – $2,500


Fall 2010:

Dave Niglio, Science-AHS,  received $2,800 for staging sheds for the Forensics class

Vivian Gayol, Art-HAS received $581.97 for continuation of the cross-curricular art project

Eric Miller and Chris Sylvester,  Science-AHS received $2,500 for Audubon “Green Initiative”

Annette Hartstein 5th Grade – MAS,  received $500 for the Haddon Lake Field Guide project

Marge Walsh, Occupational Therapist-MAS,  received $1,210 for the Kids Connect Project (After School Lego® Club for Autistic students)


TOTAL Grants awarded for 2010= $13,173.94