October 27, 2021

Grants 2009

Spring 2009:

Eric Miller, Science-AHS,  received $1,000 to develop an online and distance learning lab for science to be used at both the elementary and high school levels.

Anne Marie Harris, Art-AHS,  received $1,000 toward the Metropolitan Museum of Art field trip.

Mike Tomasetti received $1,000 to purchase 2 new wireless laptop computers for the counseling office (counseling center)

Teresa Salamone 2nd Grade-HAS,  received $1,000 to purchase a laser printer for the second grade to support publishing of student writing.


Fall 2009:

Becky Leise and Sue McKenna received $2,500 for challenge day

Lisa McGilloway received $759.23 to fund MAS book club (The Misfits)

Vivian Gayol received $387.98 to fund cross-curricular art exhibit

Duane Trowbridge, AHS, received $3,000 to fund updating the sound system in the auditorium


 TOTAL Grants awarded for 2009 = $10,647.21