March 22, 2019

2010 Grants Awarded

The Audubon Education Foundation awarded over $10,000 in grants for 2010 to the following programs representing a variety of grade levels and subjects:

Mr. Eric Miller and Mr. Chris Sylvester, Science Teachers at Audubon High School, are initiating the “Audubon Green Initiative”. This “super project” is aimed at discovering renewable energy resources and will involve students at all grade levels across the district. This program also will go global and link up with other “Audubon” schools across the country through available technology. The schools will be presented with a bio-fuel project and each school will have a part of the problem to solve. To conclude the global project, all the schools will present and share their portions of the project with each other through video conferencing and other internet sharing technologies.

Mr. David Niglio, Science Teacher at Audubon High School, will be fortifying Audubon’s Forensic Science program with the erecting of  “forensic science houses”.  These special sheds will provide an area where mock crime scenes can be set up and studied without being disturbed. This will allow for more realistic training and create an experience similar to what they would expect in a post high school education or career training situation.

Mrs. Annette Hartstein, 5th grade teacher at Mansion Ave School, will nurture investigative skills and teamwork in her class with the creation of a field guide for Haddon Lake. The project will involve collecting samples and photos of plants and animals found at the lake at different times and seasons during the year, identifying and classifying these species and  assembling the information into a field guide that would be made available to visitors of the lake.

Mrs. Marge Walsh, Occupational Therapist at Mansion Ave School, is using the Kids Connect Building Club to aid children on the autism spectrum in developing their social skills and friendships by interacting with “typical” peers while exploring, creating and learning about architecture and robotic engineering.

Mrs. Vivian Gayol, Art Teacher at Haviland Avenue School, is bringing a Cross Curricular Art Exhibit to students in grades K-2. This program involves a traveling art gallery within the school. Famous artists works will be enlarged and displayed in school and students will study these works and learn more about each artists and time period in which the art originates. Teachers will be given related exercises to include art history, multicultural issues, social issues, and critical thinking.

Image: David Castillo Dominici /