March 22, 2019

2009 Grants Awarded

techOver $6,500 in grants were awarded to five educators representing a variety of grade levels and subjects.

Mrs. Rebecca Leise, a special education teacher and Mrs. McKenna, Director of Student Services, designed a plan to have the popular and well acclaimed non-profit organization Challenge Day come to Audubon High School and present a two-day long workshop for 10th and 11th grade students. The students will be involved in activities that are designed to create positive change and inspire them to live, study, and work in an environment of compassion, acceptance, and respect.

Mrs.Lisa McGilloway, a sixth grade teacher at Mansion Avenue School, will be leading a 6th grade parent/student book club. The book club selection, The Misfits, serves as a light-hearted look at the topic of bullying, while raising awareness of this issue among students and parents alike. The book club promotes literacy as well as providing a perfect forum for parent/child discussion of such a timely topic.

Mrs. Vivian Gayol, Art Teacher at Haviland Avenue School, is bringing a Cross Curricular Art Exhibit to students in grades K-2. This program promotes everyday learning through art. Topics for activities include art history, multicultural issues, social issues, and critical thinking.

Mr. Duane Trowbridge, Choral Music/Theatre Director at Audubon High School, has designed a plan to change the current sound amplification system in the high school’s auditorium. The plan will improve equipment for the students and provide a better listening experience for the audience.