October 27, 2021

1 to 1 Laptop Initiative

The goal of this initiative is to eventually provide every student and teacher in grades six through twelve with a Chrome Book laptop computer.  This initiative will change the educational process for the students of Audubon. Students will each be able to learn in a 21st century way, giving them much needed skills to be able to compete and survive in the workforce.

An added bonus will be that this initiative will free up space by transforming no longer needed computer labs into classroom space,  enabling a redistribution of the student population such that full day Kindergarten will be instituted, which has been the goal of the community for many years.

Begun during the 2013-2014 school year, the district, as well as private donors and sponsors began acquiring the laptops, starting with about 130. The AEF purchased 30 in that school year and in 2014-2015, a $10,000 contribution bought 42 more Chrome Book laptops. Future contributions will be planned as needed to meet the goals of the program.